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A few points of note regarding the "My Results May Vary" blog and me, Kitty!

Expect randomness
Both in this blog's subject matter and in my posting intervals.  :)  I tend toward the...quixotic..yep, that's a good way to describe me. LOL  There are times when I will make art often then go days, weeks or even months (I know, I know, shameful) without creating.  It happens.  My intention is to put my flighty nature to good use by bouncing around like a cat on catnip and to offer blog members/readers more than just occasional pictures of my artwork.  I might have an idea to share, suggestion to make, question to ask y'all, introduce you to my friends and so on... In my mind it's a win-win idea...deadlines and such get me frazzled...so by giving myself leeway, I free myself from those bug-a-boos...and hopefully, keep you visitors at least mildly entertained!

Talk to me!  
My shrink really doesn't like it much when I admit I've been talking to myself again and well, writing a blog without some interaction, is sorta like the virtual equivalent dontcha think?  So pretty please sign up as a member so you remember to come and visit AND leave comments on posts if you have a spare moment or two....or write me an email...I'm a friendly kitty.  :)   (Even better....post a comment AND send me an email....now we're talking...really!)  Oh, I guess it would help to put my email here juuuust in case you're feeling chatty...or catty.  :)  Track me down at:   alleymarziacat@yahoo.com.

Sharing is Caring!
I'd love to feature your artwork, techniques, ideas etc. etc.!  Maybe you'd like to share your blog as a "Guest Blogger"?  Send me an email and we'll see what format works best for you and I to collaborate! alleymarziacat@yahoo.com.

Contests? Giveaways? Prizes?  
Who doesn't like the opportunity to get something for free?  I love it.  I also love being able to give goodies away to others.  It's great fun!  Alas, my fiancial cup is not running over....and until I build up some readership and get a sponsor or two perhaps, I'll have to limit my largesse.  I'm not saying I won't have chances to win something before that.  It just can't be a frequent occurrence. But, what I CAN do is host.... (Psst!...if you'd like to BE a sponsor or offer a prize for use here...my email address is right up there. ^)

Swaps and/or Trades! 
Oh yes, I love swaps and trades...making something for someone else gives me a happy high.  I like those!  When we have a few people reading the blog regularly...say at least a dozen.  I'll post an idea and we'll see where it leads.  (Some place fun I hope!)

Perfection?  Pshaw!  
I'm far from perfect --which is why the title of this blog is "My Results May Vary"!  I'm messy, disorganized, unruly, and undisciplined, I act like I'm a cat at times... and  I sure won't claim to be an expert on any topic -- but I will happily share my experiences and opinions -- sometimes at length!   I love to learn -- even from my mistakes so I am open to critiques and corrections if you find a point you'd like to debate or a blunder I've made please, help me out here.  :)

That's all for now.  Actually, it's a lot more than I had intended to say...and there might even be more to come.

Thanks for reading this.

Smiles, and purrs!

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