Artist's Statement

These things always seem awfully pretentious to me -- I suppose if I had gone to a fancy art school or had the pleasure of being published, my thoughts on tooting my own horn might change.  LOL  But nevertheless here goes:

Who I am Artistically
by Kitty!

I am an artist. I express myself creatively and make a variety of art and artistic items both for my own edification and hopefully to either please the eyes of, or at least evoke curiosity in, those viewing my art.

My media of choice area mixed and varied. I will experiment with whatever is at hand.  My creations include Artist Trading Cards, Handmade Flowers, Cards, Mail Art, Paintings, Collage and Assemblage.  I've sold a number of pieces of my work but I don't normally create with selling in mind --because my overall personal feeling is that art should be about, and encompass, the concepts of creating, learning and playing.

Which is why if you see me in a video online, you'll probably see me wearing a flowered tiara or glittery cat ears.  My fanciful headgear keeps me from taking myself, or my art, too seriously and invokes my inner child. I love the childlike sense of wonder I feel when I see glitter, glue and paint.  Those simple items still make up a large part of my studio supplies and never fail to make me smile.

While I don't possess an art degree, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from some great teachers in face to face classes, in classes/tutorials online, via books and most importantly through interacting with other artists. Instead of saying I'm "self-taught" it seems to be more appropriate to say that I am "community educated" in art.

Also, I have an artistic pedigree -- there is a deep vein of artsy and crafty-ness running through my family like the Mighty  Mississippi River runs though New Orleans. My mother's mother, my father's grandmother, my father and my mother are all talented creative people.  My father has had his art featured in auctions and hung in a public venue!   Even the younger generation is filled with talent -- one nephew is a composer and talented musician and one niece is an artist -- a painter and a tattoo designer!  My other niece and nephew also have dabbled in various creative endeavors.

The most useful lesson I've learned about art and creating it is letting go of the idea of perfection.  Your art is unique to you, as is mine to me.  My style is somewhat primitive and I don't apologize for that.  It's my art, my expression, my creation.  If you don't care for it, I won't be offended.  Even the old masters like Rembrandt and DaVinci didn't create masterpieces every time they put brush to paper.  I don't aspire to masterpieces, just to satisfying creative expression of what lies inside me. Perfection is way over rated.  There is beauty in all art.

Mixed Media Collaged Pin by Kitty!

Anyone can create art and sharing the techniques I've learned is very dear to my heart!   I've facilitated a few online workshops with guidance from and though the auspices of "The Girl's Club" (Pamela Joy Purses/Pamela Joy and Lorrie Jonas).    I also have given demonstrations of flower making and art journaling in face-to-face workshops.  Intend to share my knowledge on my blog as well.

I encourage and challenge everyone to explore their creative side.   Pick up a pen, marker or paint brush...tear up some old magazines and make a collage, browse an art and craft store or website and pick up something that looks interesting.  Don't pass up the aisle dedicated to might find a project kit that will help you get started in a particular craft such as knitting.  Look for classes in your area.  Even if you pick up a paint-by-numbers it's a start.  And yes, it's art.

Don't forget to share art and the love of creating with younger folks.   Not only is art fun but it also helps the brain develop, improves their learning skills in other areas and promotes better self-esteem.  Support Arts Education in our schools!


Mixed Media Collage/Assemblage by Kitty!

P.S. GO!  Make some art already!

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