Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crafting 911 Quick Tip! -- Dealing with Sticky Sticker Residue

Splat? Drat!! Didn't mean to do THAT!? Crafting 911 tips are dedicated to salvaging art and crafting projects and having some fun at the same time!

Doesn't it annoy you when you remove a sticker or label and there is THAT spot left behind like a ghost to haunt your crafting?

Here's one idea that you can use to mask the problem.

This little black journal had a largish sticker on the front. I removed it to find that a nasty sticky residue was left behind.  I tried gently rubbing it off but it only made the gunk more ugly and sticky.  The cover was rather thin and I worried that using a commercial glue (or goo) remover might cause damage.

So, I decided to cover up the problem -- literally -- with an application of Washi tape*!  For variety I used different widths of the tape and different patterns.  I added a bit of glitter with a Wink of Stella pen and then  some heart rub-ons to finish it off.  The result, no one will know about the residue issue and now I have a pretty little journal to carry in my bag.

Funny, how in this case it turned out the answer to too much sticky stuff was adding more sticky stuff!

Hmmm..the only problem with this journal is that now I don't want to use it and mess it up hahaha.

Try this fix yourself on something -- cover a boo-boo or error with Washi tape!

Smiles and Purrs!

*Washi Tape is a decorative paper tape from Japan, popular with crafters, mixed media arts and scrapbookers and is available in numerous widths, colors and patterns. It can be found in arts and crafts stores and online sellers.

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