Monday, September 9, 2013

Did I mention cats?

Just kidding.  Of COURSE I mentioned cats.  When you live in a two room apartment with three cats, it's hard not to think of them a lot of the time.  And when I do, it's mostly a warm cuddly kinda when I caught Alvy, the resident male, sleeping on the bed.

He does look adorable doesn't he?  He is even prettier in person.  Even though Alvy was once abandoned by his people, he's become a gorgeous, sleek and shiny pewter grey lover-boy who can turn on the charm by giving you a kiss! Alvy came into my life by way of my fiance Rob, who had adopted him from a cat rescue organization at what was a very low point in both their lives -- Rob often said that it was Alvy who had rescued him and not the other way around. I was very lucky to be able to bring him and his "sister" Annie back home to New Orleans to comfort me when Rob passed away.  Together with my dearest Pandora, the "senior" kitty here, they're my fur-children and the light of my life.

I'll post pictures of the gals at some future point.  It just seemed appropriate to introduce Alvy as my intro post...since it was he who woke me up at three am meowing his fool head off and scattering books from the bookshelves all over the living room!   Why? Who knows...perhaps some random bug or imaginary foe? Grrrrrr.....

See sometimes, it's not a warm cuddly feeling I get from cats....LOL but  mostly, it is.  ;)

And welcome to my new  blog!


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