Friday, January 3, 2014

Yes, It's A Random Post

When I started this blog I did mention that postings would be random.  My attention span is woefully short and at times I have trouble focusing on a blogging.  The funny thing is that I ENJOY blogging.   I like sharing my art and thoughts with my readers.  I like reading comments and making new friends.  But my nature is quite fluid, so bear with my peccadilloes and keep on reading!

Today I want to share what I have been doing when I wasn't blogging -- I made my mom a piece of art for her birthday.

"The Watcher" by Kitty!

I created this piece by first making a stamp out of foam and foam core board.  The cat, the darker wavy line near the bottom and the smaller scalloped piece at the top are all elements of that stamp which I stamped onto a baby wipe that had been used to wipe up paint. I used a stamp ink that coordinated with the colors already on the wipe.  I then tore up a few additional colored baby wipes and collaged all the pieces to a canvas board.  To enhance and complete the "picture" I added fibers, some random dots, a lace border and other details. This board was glued to another canvas board painted yellow.  I then took and old frame and painted it to match.

Happily mom liked the gift and I enjoyed making it.  Giving my art to others is something I really enjoy doing.

Take care and smiles and purrs!

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