Friday, September 20, 2013

Arts and Crafts Can Be Dangerous

Cue rant, start melodrama
(You have been warned....while everything written here is true to my knowledge, this post is mainly a rant session about my boo-boo....)

Artistic types work with a host of  items that are fraught with danger -- there are solvents, cleaners, glues, spray sealers, resins, varnishes and even some paints that can be dangerous and toxic.  (Always work in a well ventilated area, outside or with appropriate safety equipment please, I like all of you alive and in one piece!)

Then there are those creative projects that require working with hot stuff such as hot glue, heat gun, melted wax, embossing powders, soldering gun, etc. etc. (From experience, I can confirm that molten glue will indeed put the hurt on ya.)

We also have a selection of sharp and pointy tools -- various scissors, craft knives (essentially razor blades on a stick), polymer clay slicers, lino cutters, glass cutters, glass, metal sheets and other objects that can slice and dice you faster than you can say Mixed Media! (Faster, and messier even, if you get my drift...)

Those are just a few of the most common dangerous items that creative folk subject themselves to everyday, yet with a modicum of caution, following directions, and taking the measures needed to protect ourselves, most of us avoid more than the occasional minor injury in the service of our art.

Sneaky dangers still lurk...the random paint splatter in the eye, glittered kitty-paws BUT you'd think if there were one thing in the artist's studio that shouldn't carry a warning label is the container of baby powder!!!!

Aside from over-application or inhalation of the powder (Turn the fan OFF...), baby powder seems harmless....after all parents the world over are applying it to their baby's bums as you read this.   Even small children and the elderly can manage the simple twisting motion required to dispense the powder.

All that I wanted to do was lightly dust a couple of paper-molds with baby powder so the wet paper clay didn't stick.

And I picked up the powder and twisted and twisted and twisted..... The results are not pretty.   (View the photos at your own risk). 

Those are not the best photos because taking one handed pics was an interesting experience. What happened was, in trying to twist open the top of the baby powder, I wound up ripping a large part of skin off my left hand near the thumb and my "pointing" finger.

I do deal with decreased sensation in that hand due to neuropathy....which is probably why I didn't realize I was mangling myself....

BUT in my opinion is still no way that opening baby powder should have caused me to injure myself like this!!!!!  

My Nemesis
I'm guessing there is some major defect in this particular container's top.  I just bought it the other day and it had yet to be used.

Whatever it is, I'm now struggling with a new temporary disability.  My left hand (I'm a lefty) is swathed in bandages in such a way that hunt-and-peck typing is all that I can manage.....and even with the neuropathy masking some of the pain, it still hurts some -- but probably a LOT less than it would if I didn't have the issue already.

After this....which took over two hours to type, posts may be random for a while.  Please don't stop reading if I don't post again for a few days....or if I don't get back to emails or FB messages as quickly as usual.

Might be corny to say but this mess has already made me thankful that this is only a temporary issue and I feel MUCH empathy for those who deal with more severe hand problems daily.

Don't worry too much, this kitty is a tough kitty.  I'll be fine, as long as I figure out  how to scoop cat boxes, clean house, and feed myself with my right hand! LOL

Have a good one!

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