Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can You See Me Now?

I have a tendency to create a lot of  "pretty" art or doodly art  filled with items such as hearts, cats,  flowers and butterflies

But I think that being able to go beyond the pretty and creating artwork that has the potential to entice the viewer to think about it, be provoked by it or just plain hate it, is essential to my development as an artist.

So I present to you my latest foray into the darker, not-so-purrty area of art.


What does being "Faceless" mean to you?   Study the piece for a while and.maybe while pondering it, you'll find your answers.....

Do you like this piece? Does it bother you?    Leave your answers in the comments section please.


This piece is mixed media on gessoed masonite board covered with tissue then painted,  the head is done in acrylic.  It was then scanned and the text was added.

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